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nothing says i love you like a mix tape's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
nothing says i love you like a mix tape

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[03 Jan 2005|02:11pm]


join hotshotglock
join hotshotglock
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[30 Aug 2004|06:07pm]

(fall mix vol1!)

basically just stuff in my cd wallet today at school.
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copy of a copy of a copy [29 Aug 2004|03:39pm]


my name is Aleksandra & i would very much enjoy some friendly swapping of mix tapes. i don't want to write anything to limit you folks regarding the style of music you would include, because i am the most curious cat i've ever met, & enjoy all new information. discs are o.k., but don't grow to have the same grainy distortion, a product of either time or poor recording, that renews with each playing a well-loved cassette. i live in europe & hope this will not discourage anyone with thoughts of expensive shipping- estimating that a cassette with a plastic cover (which can easily be substituted with something more interesting) weighs 200 grammes, to send it from my country would cost between $1-4 u.s. dollars. cheap! i am a girlscout & my word is my gold, so no worries about my not sending you something wonderful in return for your tape. send an email to sashinjsh@navigator.lv if you are interested.
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[21 Jul 2004|05:19pm]

[ mood | curious ]

How would you feel if you received an anonymous unpostmarked mix tape in the mail? and your name was cut out of magazine letters?

track listingCollapse )

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[15 Jul 2004|09:04pm]

Heres my Playlist

Bloodhound Gang- I hope you Die
Jimmy Eat World- Get It Faster
Billy Talent- Line and Sinker
Placebo- The Bitter End
Jack Off Jill- I touch Myself
Orgy- Stitches
Muse- Hysteria
Mindless Self Indulgence- Faggot
AFI- Death of Seasons
Smashing Pumpkins- Zero
Deftones- Mx
Nada Surf- Popular
Nirvana- Lithium
Deftones- Change (In the house of flies)
Radiohead- Idioteque
The Stills- Still In Love
Echo and The Bunnymen- The Killing Moon
Rolling Stones- Paint it Black
Radiohead- Creep
Pink Floyd- Breathe
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i beleive that you have died within me [09 Apr 2004|04:51pm]

[ mood | cold ]

So yah another mixtape, another girl who will probably just date my friend anyways.

everyday turns out to be a little bit more like bukowski, yah i know he's a pretty good read but...Collapse )

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[16 Mar 2004|01:43pm]


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The New Kid On The Block. [21 Jan 2004|06:13pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

This is kind of a goodbye,love--in a complicated way.

Better off alone.
1. Yes-Owner of a Lonely Heart
2. Jet-Move On
3. Candlebox-Far Behind
4. AFI-The Leaving Song
5. Chevelle-One Lonely Visitor
6. The Juliana Theory-Something Isn't Right Here
7. Collective Soul-Goodnight, Good Guy
8. Sugar Cult-Say I'm Sorry
9. Rancid-Tropical London
10. The Used-On My Own
11. Taking Back Sunday-You're So Last Summer
12. Billy Squire-Lonely Is The Night
13. Phantom Planet-Lonely Day
14. Something Corporate-You're Gone
15. Hootie and the Blowfish-Goodbye
16. Bright Eyes-Haligh, Haligh, A Lie, Haligh
17. Brand New-The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot
18. Dashboard-The Best Deceptions
19. Ani Defranco-Your Untouchable Face
20. Vertical Horizon-Best I Ever Had
21. Count the Stars-Better Off Alone

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new neighbor mix [20 Jan 2004|06:35pm]

[ mood | creative ]

theres a girl my age moving in next door, and i thought it would be cool to make her a mixed cd. i dont know anything about her, but does anyone have any suggestions of what i should put on there? you can look at my journal for reference. thanks :D i'm new btw

<3 kari

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breaking the silence [18 Jan 2004|10:59am]

okay, time to do something about this "no one posting thing."
this tape is something along the lines of "fuck shit up".

>side a
q and not u - i heart our hive
blood brothers - ambulance vs. ambulance
...trail of dead - mach schau
the mars volta - cicatriz esp
arab strap - fucking little bastards

>side b
melt banana - free the bee
engine down - pantomime
kind of like spitting - this lemonade is terrible
the locust - siphoning projectiles during selective amnesia
the anniversary - seventeen (doesn't REALLY fit, but whatever)
at the drive-in - porfirio diaz
radiohead - pulk/pull revolving doors
the pixies - crackity jones
pretty girls make graves - sad girls por vida
man...or astroman? - the miracle of genuine pyrex

so there you go, let's get posting!
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[01 Jan 2004|08:52am]

if someone will read through my journal and make a mixtape based on whatever you think i need to hear relating to certain entries, i'll pay you. name a price & email your addy to sarah_1981@bust.com...my journal isn't that long so it won't be too hard. just pick (your opinion) defining moments that have corresponding songs. you don't even have to tell me why you chose the song.

i'm just interested in songs corresponding to moments. or some bullshit. either way, earn dough.

ps. there is a post on dec. 13th that has a lot of stuff from journals...this might help, but i'm not making any promises.

happy new year by the way!!! <3sarah
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[04 Dec 2003|04:55pm]

we, we make the party gǾ gǾ gǾ gǾ

1. meatwad & master shake - dancing is forbidden
2. joy electric - disco for a ride
3. thunderbirds are now - my girl is a beard
4. mc chris - cookie breath
5. new order - primitive notion
6. milemarker - signal froze
7. xiu xiu - ceremony
8. the unicorns - tuff ghost
9. dj shadow - walkie talkie
10. elvis costello - lipstick vogue
11. saturday looks good to me - alcohol
12. fi - not your type
13. arab strap - weekend
14. dead prez - hip hop
15. christopher walken - treefarm
16. joy division - transmission
17. the faint - glass danse
18. park ave - she teaches art
19. statistics - hours to days
20. les savy fav - disco drive
21. kid 606 - mp3 killed the cd star
22. sean na na - princess and the pony
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The Becca Experience [24 Nov 2003|09:01pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

1. "Sha Sha" - Ben Kweller
2. "12:51" - The Strokes
3. "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" - Jet
4. "Commerce, Tx" - Ben Kweller
5. "Automatic Stop" - The Strokes
6. "Debaser" - Pixies
7. "The Future Freaks Me Out" - Motion City Soundtrack
8. "Hey Ya" - Outkast
9. "Get Me Away From Here I'm Dying" - Belle and Sebastian
10. "Walk Like an Egyptian" - The Bangles
11. "He Took Her To A Movie" - Ladytron
12. "Here Comes Your Man" - Pixies
13. "The End Has No End" - The Strokes
14. "Glendora" - Rilo Kiley
15. "Such Great Heights" - The Postal Service
16. "Paints Peeling" - Rilo Kiley
17. "Caring is creepy" - The Shins
18. "Look What You've Done" - The Strokes
19. "Where Is My Mind?" - Pixies
20. "It's On" - Grandaddy

This is my mix. Tell me if you like it. If you like it I'll make you a copy and we can swap mix "tapes" o0(cd's). =)

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[10 Nov 2003|03:30pm]

This Shit Rules Nov 03

Against Me! - T.S.R.
Germs - Lexicon Devil
Anti-Flag - When You Don't Control Your Government People Want To Kill You
I Farm - Two Kipperds Each
Miracle Chosuke - Gonk
Mr. California and the State Police - The Deceiver
Datsuns - In Love
Husker Du - Turn On The News
Mission Of Burma - That's How I Escaped My Curtain Fate
Wire - Straight Line
Le Shok - Where's The Line Begin For Vicodin
David Bowie - Panic In Detroit
Doors - Waiting For The Sun
!!! - Me And Giuliani Down By The School Yard (A True Story)
Vanity 5 - Flight Of The Phoenician
Nick Drake - Pink Moon
Rise Against - Swing Life Away
Zounds - Dancing
Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young - Ohio
Ben Folds Five - The Battle of Who Could Care Less
Army/Navy - Yep, That's A Human Ear, Alright
Golden Earring - Radar Love
Black Eyes - A Pack Of Wolves
Nipon - Violent World
Hot Cross - Finger Redux
Enkephalin - Full Access Bubblegum Machine
Racebannon - Electricity
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[12 Oct 2003|08:36pm]

hi there, i'm new to the community. my name's luke, and i'm an avid mixtaper-i have a whole notebook full of them. here's my inaugural (sp?) mixtape:

>side a
hive - dreaming belize
bright eyes - when the curious girl realizes she is under glass
death cab for cutie - why you'd want to live here
weakerthans - my favorite chords
mates of state - i have space
pavement - stereo
calamine - trampoline
radiohead - creep (acoustic)

>side b
mogwai - two rights make one wrong
trail of dead - another morning stoner
kind of like spitting - this lemonade is terrible
pinback - hurley
yo la tengo - take care
sparklehorse - weird sisters
all time quarterback - plans get complex

tell me what you think, homies.
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[12 Oct 2003|04:08pm]

"Drop Yr Pants Mix" Oct 2003
80 Minutes of Music to Freak Out To

Outkast - Hey Ya!
Heads Will Roll - Introduction To Marxism
Whatever It Takes - City Streets, Summer Heat
At The Drive-In - Star Slight
Alpha Control Group C - Swing Kills Jazz
Lawrence Arms - On With The Show
Communique - Cross Your Heart
Less Than Jake - Look What Happened
Squirtgun - Make It Wreck
Les Savy Fav - The End
OIL - Electric Tongue
Stop It!! - Beethoven's Funeral
Happy Party - Hop Hop
Rapider Than Horsepower - Saddle Up!
The Rapture - Heaven
Beck - Debra
Scott Allen - Ma Ma Ma
Bootsy Collins - I'd Rather Be With You
Wack Trucks - Train
Capture The Flag - Going Through Motions
Charles Bronson - Bible Thumpers Go To Hell
Darling Of Paris - There Is A Ghost...
The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower - Comeback 1968
An Albatross - The Vitally Important Pelvic Thrust
Ex-Models - Love Japanese Style
Thunderbirds Are Now! - Babygirl, I Got 10 Kids (Let's Not Make It 11)

If you haven't heard these, you really should.
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[16 Sep 2003|03:46pm]

i want to make a mixtape for this guy who rocks my socks - but i don't want to spaz him out with anything too *i'm SOOOO into you* and stalker-sounding... he listens to stuff like black flag and older punk-ee stuff... modest mouse *i think*... some oldies... uhh.. etc.etc.

so if anyone has song suggestions, i would TOTALLY appreciate it...

*thanks in advance!*
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shhh this ones secret [16 Sep 2003|02:27pm]

[ mood | autistic ]

the oh so obvious freeendster mix

dnel - this is the dream of evan and chan (bababara morgenstein remix)
idlewild - let me sleep (next to the mirror)
modest mouse - never-ending math equation
ben folds five - the last polka
this bike is a pipe bomb - mouseteeth
les savy fav - je taime
melon galia - n'en parlon plus
joy division - transmission
broken social scene - love and mathmatics
q and not u - soft pyramids
death cab for cutie - a movie script ending
joy electric - the girl from rosewood lane
the rapture - heaven
thunderbirds are now - my girl is a beard
soviet - marbleyezed
mates of state - throwdown
radiohead - idioteque
great lakes - giants and tigers
saturday looks good to me - the sun doesnt want to shine
bright eyes - i will be grateful for this day
wesley willis - johnny depp

like i said this is the oh so obvious mix... its supposed to be a bit tounge-in-cheek.

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fuck the champagne we want gin [11 Sep 2003|02:09pm]

Leonard Nimoy - music to watch space girls by
the recital - we fail better (demo)
pop project - what did i say
guided by voices - echos myron
mc chris - cookie breath
swearing at motorists - calgon take me away
they might be giants - new york city
fed by ravens - behind the music
dj shadow - walkie talkie
joy division - disorder
les savy fav - who rocks the party
command prompt - skonetwothree
kid 606 - rebel girl
thunderbirds are now - pink motorcycle helmet
outkast - hey ya
commander venus - bent on broken nerves
little joe gould - im afraid of whos afraid of virginia wolf
spiritualized - ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space
otis redding - fa fa fa fa fa fa (sad song)
of montreal - ira's brief life as a spider
tegan and sara - city girl
hideous thieves - theres nothing more beautiful than loving you
park ave - cloak and dagger
leonard nimoy - ruby dont take your love to town
the smiths - sing me to sleep
the recital - hey slappy demo

this is the mass fall mix, if you want a copy just let me know ill even make you a cute cover.
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my first post...such a milestone [21 Jul 2003|05:04pm]

[ mood | blank ]

i am corey. no really, i am. i swear.

ive been making mixes for a while, but they kind of suck. most of my mixtapes so far have just been random songs from my tracklist. but i want to change all of that and finally have at least one amazingly organized mix.
one problem: im blank

so if anyone has any suggestions on songs, or better yet themes, please help.


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